Why we created Be Social. Be Smart.

Why we created Be Social. Be Smart.

Teenagers today are never far from their smart phones. The apps they use on a daily basis are their source of information, communication and validation.

After talking with young people about how and why they use social media, we saw the benefit for kids to be educated on using their social media skills positively and proactively.

We believe that what you post now can either help you succeed in the future or leave a negative impression forever.

Kids said to us:

The stuff the kids are posting now is getting out of hand.” Year 11 student.

“No one ever teaches how to use social media. They just tell us consequences and bad stories about it.” Year 10 student

“Kids are posting just for likes. Even if what they’re posting makes the look bad.” Year 10 student

“If someone wants to know what we’re about, they go to Instagram.” Year 10 student

 People can get to know more about me and my interests through it. They can see the person I am through the way i present my online identity and get to know me without actually meeting me.” Year 12 student

 “It worries me how you can’t completely delete things on social media.” Year 11 student

With backgrounds in recruitment, media and branding, we have come together to combine our skills and create a training program to address these issues for young people.

Watch the video below for the Be Social. Be Smart. story.

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