Why It’s Time for Us to Unplug

Why It’s Time for Us to Unplug


It’s the time of year when we are all wrapping up.

It’s not just the type with coloured paper and ribbons and string to go under the tree.  With a last flurry of emails we wrap up our work year. Lingering to-dos are wrapped-up with increasing urgency as each day of December passes. Taking a break from moderation, we also wrap up our book clubs, school classes and social groups with frequent Christmas celebrations.

Has your pre-Christmas over-consumption extended to technology? This year we are consciously wrapping up our presence on social media too.

All these wrap-ups are crucial to enable our minds to rest and truly enjoy the holiday season with our families. They help signify the year ending and give us permission to stop and reflect before the next begins.

Here’s what my two children had to say about why we should all be unplugging over Christmas:

  1. Because of Peppa. It’s important to spend time with the dog.
  1. So that you can listen to us and you can get to sleep faster.
  1. I can see more stuff if I’m not looking at the iPad.
  1. So that we have some time with other people and we can play with them.
  1. We won’t feel upset because you will be playing with us.

At Be Social. Be Smart. we believe that time offline is fundamental to achieving responsible, respectful and reputable social media usage. As parents we know that modelling balance isn’t always easy, but our kids are counting on us.

Wishing everyone a very happy unplugged Christmas!

* Be Social. Be Smart. will be back online in 2016.

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