Welcome to Be Social. Be Smart.!

Welcome to Be Social. Be Smart.!


And we’re live!

Today, Sally Dwyer and Eliza Kennedy are thrilled to launch Be Social. Be Smart. – a
training and education business supporting students to recognise the potential of social media for savvy, smart and informed digital citizens.

We believe in the power of positive posting. Our goal is to share the message throughout
Australian secondary schools with students, parents and teachers and to empower our young
people to create opportunities through social media and take charge of their future.

Our Be Social. Be Smart. Assemblies for Years 10, 11 and 12 encourage students to consider the potential impact of their digital footprint. We ensure they understand how to portray themselves in the way they wish to be perceived by others, including universities and employers.

At Be Social. Be Smart. we know personal branding is crucial to stand out in this highly
competitive employment landscape. We also know that behind the trending concept of
personal branding, is the ageless notion of an individual’s reputation.

Generation Z are digital natives. They snap, post, share, follow and like to build a powerful
online reputation. At Be Social. Be Smart. we guide them to use these social media skills to
make positive, lasting impressions.

.Join the conversation with Eliza and Sally on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

For more information on Be Social. Be Smart. visit us at

To arrange a Be Social. Be Smart. Assembly at your school, contact us at or call (07) 3036 5297.

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