Students Talking Social – Olivia Jeffrey

Students Talking Social – Olivia Jeffrey

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We’d like to introduce you to our very first Be Social. Be Smart. Ambassador, Olivia Jeffrey.

As a student and sports woman, Olivia Jeffrey is energized by new opportunities and giving things her all. She says she is at her best when she balances her school work, sports and other interests, like media production and theatre.

From getting the lead in the school play; to being invited onto the Australia Junior Development Squad XC Ski Tour in Canada, she attributes her achievements to her positive, can-do attitude, and says she is motivated by being around similarly positive people, who want to achieve all they can too.

We had a chat to Olivia about her favourite apps, how she uses social media to achieve her goals and what positive posting means to her.

  1. Can you tell us a bit about your favourite social media app/s and what you like best about it/them?

My favourite social media apps would have to be Instagram and Facebook as they are instantaneous modes of checking the news, seeing what friends are up to and letting people know what’s going on in your world. Sometimes I believe that we all live in our own bubble so I think that these social media platforms help to interconnect our lives and truly give us a broader perspective to think about.

  1. Who in the world would you most like to connect with online? Why?

There isn’t one particular person I would most like to connect with online, but rather there is a variety of people who I find inspiring such as Sally Fitzgibbon for her athletic ability and healthy lifestyle, Hillary Clinton for her strong leadership as a woman and the Dali Lama for his Zen.

  1. What does ‘positive posting’ mean to you?

Positive posting to me, fundamentally means posting updates and photos that you and others would find productive. It means not posting anything that has negative connotations, or anything that has the potential to bring others or yourself down.  Positive posting is all about leaving a beneficial digital foot print.

  1. As an accomplished sports woman, in what ways do you think social media could contribute to your goals?

Social media gives me a snap shot of my progression. I strongly believe that in order to achieve you must look at what you’ve done in the past and learn from that.  I believe that no matter whether it is in sport or just day to day life you can always do better.

  1. What one thing would you most like your online presence to do for you?

I would hope that my online presence inspires others to have a go at things because although sport can be daunting at times, it really gives you the rewards when you perform with your best efforts. I love sport and I want to share my passion with others.  I also think that in order to keep motivated it is important to build a strong sense of acceptance within a community and by being present in the online world I believe this is much easier to achieve.



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