Students Talking Social – Casey Schwarz

Students Talking Social – Casey Schwarz

Our latest Be Social. Be Smart. Social Media Ambassador has just completed Year 12 at Stuartholme School, where she was a Vice House Captain and accomplished musician. Throughout school she was inspired by many teachers who helped in her development and she is now eager to provide similarly positive educational experiences, as a Primary Education Teacher. We had a chat to Casey about how she uses different social media networks and how they can help her to achieve her goals.

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1. Can you tell us a bit about your favourite social media app/s and what you like best about it/them?

My top three favourite social media sites in order are Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook.

Instagram is by far my favourite because personally I am a very visual person, like lots of other people from my generation. The visual factor provided by the pictures allows me to look at what my friends, peers and idols are up to on a daily basis. This particular format of social media is very simple, easy to use and very aesthetically pleasing.

Snapchat is my second favourite social media site/app because it is very in the moment and real. There is no possible way to be fake on Snapchat because it is instantaneous and there is no room for extreme filters or faking. This provides a sense of security I think. Snapchat is quite private and is used for a bit of fun.

Facebook is my third favourite social media site because it connects people and social issues together. My feed consists of information about my friends and what they have been up to, as well as interesting links to news sites about the present day. Facebook for me used to be my life, I used to post a fair amount of pointless things on there but as other social media sites became more popular, less people use it to rant about their days. I still do use Facebook fairly often just to see what’s going on in the world or to have a look at how a family member is going who lives in a different state to where I live.

 2. Who in the world would you most like to connect with online? Why?

Eventually I would ideally like to connect with my future boss online. This will allow my career opportunities to widen. I have been taught that LinkedIn is an excellent platform to reach that goal of connecting with relevant people online. By creating a well thought out social media image, I can’t work towards reaching that ultimate goal.​

3. What does ‘positive posting’ mean to you?

Positive posting allows me to promote myself in a certain way,  in a positive light, by using social media effectively. I can achieve this by building a personal brand of sorts. A consistent motto, goal or purpose for all media platforms what will help future carrier aspects.

4. As an accomplished musician and aspiring teacher, in what ways do you think social media could contribute to your goals?

I think that being a musician has helped me learn some skills that will be excellent for my future. By listing and explaining these skills I have learnt on social media,  it lets potential employers know of the skills I hold. Social media is great in promoting that I am an aspiring teacher because it shows how committed and passionate I am about reaching my career goal.

5. What one thing would you most like your online presence to do for you?

The one thing I would most like my online presence to do for me is to promote myself to future employers. This positive online presence will be a fantastic asset. Having a LinkedIn profile at such a young age shows how determined and ready I am to get into a successful career.

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