Positive Posting on Social Media after the Paris Attacks

Positive Posting on Social Media after the Paris Attacks

Over the past week, many of us have struggled to make sense of the atrocities in Paris. In our bewilderment and sorrow, social media has played a powerful part in uniting the world against terror.

Amongst the bigots and the boors are many, many voices sharing messages to bring the world together against terror without divisiveness or hatred.

For world leaders to celebrities to corporates to you and me, social media has provided a platform for positive posting to express sympathy and support.

Here are three of the positive responses that were most shared this week. Not only did they reflect popular sentiment, but they gave us strength.

  1. Waleed Aly’s reminder that the terrorists are weak and his plea for understanding over hate and fear has been shared over 16 million times.(Click image to view)

  1. The Facebook Filter (French Flag Profile Photo) has let Parisians know that millions worldwide stand with them and feel their pain.
  1. Jean Julian said of his adaption of the peace symbol, Peace for Paris, “I think people have an instinctive sense of how to use these forms of communication. In cases like this, the things that need to spread, spread. And this seems to have been a very positive use of this form of hyper-communication.”


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