It’s time to LISTEN UP on social media

It’s time to LISTEN UP on social media

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Did your parents ever tell you to listen more than you talk?

How about to ask questions and show an interest in others?

What did they have to say about talking about yourself all the time?

Even if they’re not so up to date on social media, chances are your parents have taught you a lot of good stuff about being social that you can apply online, as well as offline.

We are huge advocates of digital sharing. Be Social. Be Smart. is all about building a powerful personal brand online and proactively creating the impression that you want to make.

However, just like your parents said, it’s rude to be the one to do all the talking. And it’s not just about basic etiquette. Do you actually know what you’re talking about yet? Or even who you’re talking to?

One of the biggest opportunities missed on social media is the chance to listen and understand what your audience is saying so you can be confident of truly adding value with what you post online. There are many tools you can use to listen on social media, but these 3 basic steps will get started:

1. Follow companies of interest. Listen to what they are sharing across LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+, and check them out on Instagram, Tumblr and Snapchat too! This is a great way to find out more about the types of jobs they have on offer, but also to see what is happening in the industry and whether you think they will be the right cultural fit for you.

2. Follow people of interest – whether they are industry leaders, alumni, business influencers or people in the job that you want to have one day. You can learn so much about the industries, companies and jobs you are interested in by doing this, and use your insight to get ahead of the game. You will also be able to engage more meaningfully when you understand more about the individual and can start to build relationships and your professional network.

3. Join Groups on LinkedIn and follow relevant hashtags on other platforms that relate to your areas of interest. This can be an effective way to identify companies, individuals and/or jobs of interest; broaden and deepen your knowledge; and keep up with what is current and topical before you decide to connect or interact.

If you take the time to start listening now, when you engage with companies or individuals and proactively create your own online personal brand, you can be confident of knowing who you are talking to, what you are talking about and how you add value through the discussions you initiate and content that you share.

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