In Conversation with Meghan Davis from

In Conversation with Meghan Davis from

Meghan Davis

There is undoubtedly a need for school students to develop their skills in digital storytelling to enable them to build a positive digital footprint through social media. A new platform, GoEnnounce, aims to engage the students of today, to be the leaders of tomorrow. Co-founder Meghan Davis tells us more.

Can you describe GoEnnounce and how it gives students a voice about their education?

GoEnnounce is a way for students to track and share all of their academic accomplishments and progress, year after year. A GoEnnounce Student Page creates a digital representation of who that student is, which can be used for college applications, scholarships, or job opportunities. By using GoEnnounce students also have the ability to share their accomplishments and progress with mentors/relatives to quickly receive encouragement and advice from the people that want to know what’s going on.

Why did you and co-founder Melissa Davis believe it was important to disrupt education with a platform like GoEnnounce?

Students are involved in A LOT between their academics and extracurricular activities. They had not only had no way to track/save everything they were doing in school but also, no way to communicate with the people in their life that could help and wanted to know what was going on.

What major challenges do you see students facing today, as they grow up in an increasingly digitalised world?

In an age where everything can be “Googled” and online privacy no longer exists, students have a whole new reputation at stake—their digital reputation, or their digital footprint. According to a recent survey by Kaplan, over 35% of college admissions have started to look at a student’s behavior on social media. This means that students are challenged with learning how to be good digital citizens and how to avoid having their online actions or their “digital footprint” be a negative impact on them when it’s time to apply to college or begin their career.

How does GoEnnounce help to address some of these challenges?

GoEnnounce teaches students how to create a positive digital footprint in a safe social network environment. Because GoEnnounce offers you the ability to publicize your academic career online, you start to leave a positive digital legacy instead of a negative one. Colleges and potential employers will have the ability to visualize you and see more than just a GPA or test score.

What are you top tips for young people looking to create a positive digital footprint?

  • Google Yourself – What do you find? This is a great exercise that will help you understand what a potential college admissions officer or employer might find out about you.
  • Clean It Up – Instead of hiding your social media accounts or making them completely private, transform your online presence into something you want a college admissions officer or potential employer to find!
  • Think Before You Post – Be conscious of what you are posting, commenting, and liking on social media. This is all traceable back to you and your digital footprint.
  • Put Your Best Foot Forward – Use social media to your advantage by being proud of what you find when you Google yourself!

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