We believe in the power of positive posting.

'When students take advantage of their social media skills now, they open doors in the future.'

'Students can build a powerful personal brand by posting with intelligence and creativity.'

'I know that employers look at social media but I don't really know how to impress them.'


What the educators have to say :

“Preparing students for the uncertain transition from high school to career is always challenging; the Be Social. Be Smart. presentation and the succinct and pointed advice it offered spoke directly our students and the takeaways were invaluable: building and maintaining a personal brand and leveraging social media as a learning and professional tool are essential life skills.”
Brisbane Grammar School’s Deputy Headmaster of Teaching and Learning, Steve Uscinski

The presentation was awesome! I have had wonderful feedback from the year 12s and the staff who were in attendance. We will definitely be having you back for the same presentation next year. Tim is a fantastic presenter – his format, content and timing were first class! He really connected with the students and that is so very important.
All Hallows’ School Sue Havers, Head of Senior School

We engaged Be Social. Be Smart as they offered our students a positive approach to the use of social media as a tool to advance their careers. The presentations were very engaging for the students and allowed them to consider how they would use social media to their future benefit. The information on LinkedIn was particularly relevant to students as many aren’t aware of the opportunities they can create by using it well. I’d highly recommend Be Social. Be Smart . as the content and presentations are both engaging and highly relevant to school students.             
Kelvin Grove State College’s Deputy Principal, Kerrie Richards

“This program has helped our students prepare for the future. Learning how to package up achievement online is a great skill for young people.”
Lauriston Girl’s School’s Careers Counsellor, Sue Douglas

“Students have heard the ‘what not to do online’ message before. Be Social. Be Smart. takes a unique and fresh approach by showing students how the power of social media can be used to build a personal online ‘brand’. There were many excellent ‘take home’ messages for the students, and the presentation was pitched perfectly for high school students. It was lively and engaging and the best part was that students took what they learnt and applied it immediately. This is why I chose Be Social. Be Smart – the knowledge and skills are relevant to students now and are applicable to the present and even more so in the future. The professional world that our students are graduating into is fast-paced and ever-changing. Be Social. Be Smart. equips students with the social media skills that enable students to meet these changes with confidence.”
The Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School’s Director of e-Learning, Micah Wilkins

“We had heard great feedback about the interactive nature of the presentation and the contemporary message provided by Be Social. Be Smart. for students. We were impressed by the presenter’s ability to engage students in the material in a relaxed manner whilst getting across a serious message that will support them beyond school.” 
Santa Maria College’s Deputy Principal of Learning & Life, Carolyn McCarthy

“The program informs students about how to navigate social media and how to turn their awards, achievements, experiences and skills into a professional online presence. The presentation was entertaining, informative and thought provoking.”
Camberwell Girls Grammar School’s Career Counsellor, Trish Dolan

 Be Social. Be Smart.’s presenter, Tim,  delivered  an extremely engaging and entertaining presentation to our Year 12 cohort. The message was clear and aimed specifically at the transition from school to life beyond the school gates. It gave the students plenty of ideas on how they can create, manage and harness opportunities, via their social media platforms and how to turn these types of online environments to their professional advantage.
Sacre Coeur School’s Career Counsellor, Pauline Steedman

“Be Social. Be Smart.’s key message of why and how posting positively and controlling your social media profiles will enhance future career prospects is increasingly important. The quality and interactivity of the presentation material was excellent and we will definitely be booking the Be Social. Be Smart. program again in 2017.”
Mordialloc College’s Careers and Pathways Coordinator, Jane Jamieson

“Finally, a positive spin on social media for young people. Be Social. Be Smart. deliver an informative and dynamic presentation that gives practical tips on how to develop beneficial online profiles, especially as our students transition into the world of work.”
Loreto College’s Year 12 Coordinator,  Annie Diamond

“With recruitment becoming an increasingly online process, it is almost mandatory that we skill our students to be competitive in this market. ‘Be Social. Be Smart.’, via a very engaging presentation, does exactly that.  Our senior students gained refreshing, up-to-date information. Using a pre-prepared profile of one of our students as an example, as well as presenting relevant data and evidence, our students learnt how they can use social media right now to project themselves advantageously online.  We would definitely recommend the ‘Be Social Be Smart’ presentation for this purpose.”
Immanuel College’s Year 11 Coordinator, Linda Thornton

What the students have to say :

“Thanks so much for your presentation! We thoroughly enjoyed it and most of us have gone to make our LinkedIn profiles today!” Year 12 Student

“Social media can be a powerful tool to kickstart my career.” Year 11 Student

“Not only should I focus on how posting on social media can damage my future, but also on how it can benefit my future.” Year 10 Student

“LinkedIn is amazing and I really want to get it ASAP. I never realized the importance of the things I post on social media and how it will impact future employment opportunities.” Year 11 Student

“The main thing I learnt from the presentation is the power of a positive and professional online presence, and how it help you on the pathway to success.” Year 12 Student

“Social media can actually positively influence your chance of getting a job.  The presentation encouraged the effective use of social media and taught us how to use it positively. It wasn’t condemned. The presenter was excellent and it was very informative!” Year 11 Student

“Social media isn’t all bad! #iamhappynow.” Year 10 Student


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