We believe in the power of positive posting.

'When students take advantage of their social media skills now, they open doors in the future.'

Eliza Kennedy

'Students can build a powerful personal brand by posting with intelligence and creativity.'

Sally Dwyer

'I know that employers look at social media but I don't really know how to impress them.'

Student, Year 12



During “Connected Futures: Social Media for Employment and Entrepreneurship”, students learn how to turn their education, experience and achievements into an online profile that will help them build a career in the years ahead. Throughout the dynamic and interactive performance, students are steered beyond merely protecting their digital footprint, towards proactively projecting themselves too.


Incorporating a mix of interactive activities, video and storytelling, our flagship program typically runs for 60 minutes. It has been developed for students in Grades 10, 11 and/or 12 and is designed to be delivered as a year group presentation in an auditorium or similar space.


Our theatre-based educators are trained to engage, inspire and motivate young people to make positive changes with how they use social media. They have worked with thousands of students in schools across Australia and bring vast experience in experiential learning programs for young people.


In line with Australian Curriculum and cybersafety frameworks, the learning outcomes for this program include:

  • Enhancing students’ online presence awareness with Google Searches
  • Researching further education and career opportunities with Social Media
  • Making meaningful connections and networking with Social Media
  • Developing an online personal brand that positions students for future success
  • Shaping a powerful social resume with digital storytelling
  • Building a LinkedIn Profile for personal branding, research and networking

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