We believe in the power of positive posting.

'When students take advantage of their social media skills now, they open doors in the future.'

Eliza Kennedy

'Students can build a powerful personal brand by posting with intelligence and creativity.'

Sally Dwyer

'I know that employers look at social media but I don't really know how to impress them.'

Student, Year 12



We support students to use their favourite digital tools
for positive outcomes

When students make more educated choices about what they follow, like, share and post on social media there is an enormous opportunity for them to contribute to their employment or entrepreneurship goals.

In this social era, first impressions are made on Google. Universities, companies and employers use social media to source and screen the skills, credibility and cultural fit of candidates. Importantly, social media enables students to take control through well-considered communication, connection and collaboration online.

We encourage students to research and share information; create content that showcases their talents, activities and accomplishments; make meaningful connections; and collaborate with their communities: all to open doors for careers and contribute to their long-term success.


Our Founders

Sally Dwyer

With a background in communications and marketing, Sally has worked in the UK, US, Hong Kong and Australia in industries as diverse as media, financial services and retail. Sally has married her combined strengths in public relations, integrated marketing and corporate branding and styling to create Be Social. Be Smart. She promotes individual branding that covers all bases, from how you present yourself in person, to include how you represent yourself online. She trains students in secondary schools on how to post with intelligence and creativity to build their personal brand with social media. Connect with Sally on LinkedIn

Eliza Kennedy

From London to Sydney and Buenos Aires to Hong Kong, Eliza has led teams for some of the world’s leading international recruitment and employer branding agencies to build deep insight into how employers attract and select graduate talent. With expertise in Personal Branding, Social Recruiting and LinkedIn, Eliza is a co-founder of Be Social. Be Smart. and provides training on the power of positive posting for students in secondary schools. Eliza advocates LinkedIn for students so they can apply their social media skills to professional networking and access career information and opportunities. Connect with Eliza on LinkedIn


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