We believe in the power of positive posting.

We believe in the power of positive posting.

'This program has helped our students prepare for the future. Learning how to package up achievement online is a great skill for young people.'

Sue Douglas, Lauriston Girls' School Career Counsellor

'We believe it is important to educate students on the positive use of social media… and arm them with the tools they need to positively manage their careers.'

Andrea Reddan, Deputy Principal Student Wellbeing, Stuartholme School

'Any help teachers and principals can get in this regard is welcome.'

Andrew Pierpont, President, Queensland Secondary Principals Association


Be Social. Be Smart. is a new social media education initiative for senior secondary students. We believe in the power of positive posting and aim to change the conversation from the potential threats of social media for teens, to the potential opportunities instead. 

When young people ask “what does my social media activity say about me?” We help them shape the answer.

Through our Making Social Media Work for Work presentation and LinkedIn workshops, we empower students to purposefully and proactively build their digital portfolios to open doors, make connections and take charge of their future.

With extensive international experience in Marketing, Branding and Recruitment, Sally Dwyer and Eliza Kennedy partnered to create Be Social. Be Smart. to share their knowledge and expertise. Their goal is to help students recognise the opportunity and potential of social media for their future success.  Watch the video to the right to find out more.


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